Saturday, 20 October 2012


Psychedelic Pattern Clashing. Contrasting Textures.  It's all about mixing them up at the moment.

Today my Saturday outfit combines watercolour-washed print & jersey lace. I have kept the colours complementary to avoid overpowering the look. Accessorize with vintage jewellery & a bowler hat to complete the look! 

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Everyone gets so caught up in everyday life. Take a step back & TakeMeAway...


Last weekend for me consisted of over 14 hours work, a couple of 21st Birthdays, followed by a night out in Derby!

This all kick-started with my 'Happy Saturday'...
My day was going pretty quickly & took a turn for the better when I decided to pop across from work to get a coffee from EAT [other food & drink providers always available!] I fancied a mocha [coffee & chocolate for the anti-hot-beverage individuals!] to keep me going for the rest of my shift...and this was greeted with possibly the best response ever!

"Happy Saturday! The coffee's on me!"
"Really?!" I replied, as if nothing is ever free in life!
[To the other Barista] "Make the best mocha you have ever made...and an extra large one!"

And so, I was buzzing off coffee & a free drink high all day long!
It's safe to say that all the Topshop girls will be attempting to get a drink on the house from now on...that's what I call a trend started! Thank you mister EAT barista, you made my day!

To follow this celebratory weekend, I took a trip to Derby to see on of my best girls, for a catch up & a great night out. We both decided to keep our going-out looks black & red themed [I swear we did not plan this though!] & this was the only photo we took. Sign of a good night I would say...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top]...
  • Black long-sleeved low-backed lace top *cut out the inner to vamp up the look a bit*
  • Black bra-let *channel the underwear as outerwear look* [you can also get away with this as a night-time look & a few tequilas always helps with the cold!]
  • Black leather skirt *mix up textures when your look is all black* [H&M]

Chazza's Outfit Recipe [Breaking it down from the top!]...
  • Red sleeveless sheer blouse
  • Black tailored high-waisted shorts *gold studded belt included!* [Miss Selfridge]

Our main accessory...
  • Red lippy!
  • And smiles, of course!

Friday, 12 October 2012


Everyone remembers Paint. The original of the old-skool Windows 2000 'Accessories'.
Well combine Paint, with illness & Autumn, and this is what you get...

The leaves are falling off the trees, woolly jumpers are filling the must be time for some Autumn trending! And this squirrel motif is perfect to be made into a seasonal greetings card, or even a print on a dress! 'Paint' is hard to control at the best of times, but with a pencil effect & small lines, this cute character comes alive on the page! The colours would even be changed to achieve different effects...

Keep tuned for more spontaneous 'MeetMyPaint'

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


In my latest posts I have showcased to you my newest buys, finds & experiments.
So what comes after new hair? New make-up of course!

Today was the day of the dark lip.
The dark lip. Chocolate lips. Vamp lips. 
Call them what you wish. I just wish I had a better photo than a Visa photo-booth one... unfortunately the only photo I have taken today. However, it presents the way I wear my new hair & some new make-up experimentation. 

To achieve this catwalk-worthy beauty trend, I combined two lipsticks together to achieve the correct shade. I chose my No7 Wild Volume in 'Ruby Glow' to base my darker shade of Rimmel's 'New Black'  Lasting Fix lipstick on. The ruby hues lift the plum tones & create an almost natural looking dark lip effect. Vamp lips have a tendency to be too dark & therefore wash people out, so ensure you have a good blusher to frame your face!

Make like me & create your own catwalk look, inspired by YSL & Ralph Lauren, by pairing burgundy kissed lips with simplistic natural looking make-up & dolly-mascara eyes to avoid over-powering the look...

Finish off with sleek black leather to rule the vamp trend & flashes of brights to then break those rules!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MeetMyMane #2

'The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary'
- Vidal Sassoon

Following in my 'new leaf' lease of life, a new month brings a new haircut!
October is for Opportunities...

On Stage At The Vidal Sassoon Presentation! 

I have been doing hair modelling for about 2 years now, in various salons & locations across the country. Most people would faint at the prospect of a hairdresser 'letting loose' on their hair. But these are top stylists performing the latest cut & colour trends on you. Personally, I find this very exciting. Maybe this is my fashionista side talking or my wild side that likes to take risks...but isn't a risk good once in a while?

Rocking Into A New Month [from left]: Sammy, Me, Amy & Amy!

These looks might initially look daunting to the untrained eye and yes I do admit that at this point I didn't have a clue what my hair looked like, as it is cut in front of an audience with no mirror to be seen! I just knew I was going to turn cross-eyed if I didn't personalize this new look...

So I added my own spin by sweeping my 'unicorn horn' to the side, layering up the gorgeous pleated drape dress with my burgundy leggings, grey hounds-tooth wool socks & my new red-tint lace-up ankle boots.