Saturday, 13 October 2012


Last weekend for me consisted of over 14 hours work, a couple of 21st Birthdays, followed by a night out in Derby!

This all kick-started with my 'Happy Saturday'...
My day was going pretty quickly & took a turn for the better when I decided to pop across from work to get a coffee from EAT [other food & drink providers always available!] I fancied a mocha [coffee & chocolate for the anti-hot-beverage individuals!] to keep me going for the rest of my shift...and this was greeted with possibly the best response ever!

"Happy Saturday! The coffee's on me!"
"Really?!" I replied, as if nothing is ever free in life!
[To the other Barista] "Make the best mocha you have ever made...and an extra large one!"

And so, I was buzzing off coffee & a free drink high all day long!
It's safe to say that all the Topshop girls will be attempting to get a drink on the house from now on...that's what I call a trend started! Thank you mister EAT barista, you made my day!

To follow this celebratory weekend, I took a trip to Derby to see on of my best girls, for a catch up & a great night out. We both decided to keep our going-out looks black & red themed [I swear we did not plan this though!] & this was the only photo we took. Sign of a good night I would say...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top]...
  • Black long-sleeved low-backed lace top *cut out the inner to vamp up the look a bit*
  • Black bra-let *channel the underwear as outerwear look* [you can also get away with this as a night-time look & a few tequilas always helps with the cold!]
  • Black leather skirt *mix up textures when your look is all black* [H&M]

Chazza's Outfit Recipe [Breaking it down from the top!]...
  • Red sleeveless sheer blouse
  • Black tailored high-waisted shorts *gold studded belt included!* [Miss Selfridge]

Our main accessory...
  • Red lippy!
  • And smiles, of course!

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