Friday, 21 June 2013


For individuals out there who aren't aware of the fashion blogging scene, as I admit sometimes I also lose my way, I thought I would do a little "How to follow" post to increase awareness & spread the creativity as it is good to learn something new everyday... 

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Saturday, 15 June 2013


I believe there should be a story behind design & a quality supporting the made creation. A garment has to be wearable as well as beautiful. However qualities such as ecological & sustainable aren't given enough consideration...until now! Brighton Fashion Week has sourced designers that give reason as well as functionality to designs through eco methods displayed in BFW's first 'Sustain' show. The audience was there for the designer storytellers & rode the show through its roller-coaster ride of a night. With what seemed a backpack transforming into a quilted jacket and all the materials either found or sustainably sourced, eyes were not just open, but treated to a beautiful display of eco-fashion...

What we wore...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Brighton Pier print camisole top *printed & made by me*
  • Black tassel skirt [Wood, Oldham St, Manchester]

Accessorize my Life...
  • Black studded leather jacket
  • Black patent clutch *transformation from a handbag to a clutch by tucking the strap in*
  • Black platform wedge heels

Sean's Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Swallow print shirt
  • Navy tailored trousers *latest wardrobe addition*

Accessorize My Man's Life...
  • Woven brown leather belt
  • Pocket-watch *a Gentleman's accessory*
  • Tan leather loafers

What we saw...

Rebecca Jayne-Taylor's 'Gore-Tex Up-Cycle' kicked of the Sustain show with a big fashion punch, showcasing how eco can be cool with a block coloured ski-wear concept. The combinations of texture really stood out, placing Gore-Tex & knitwear alongside one another under helmets of dinosaur-esque spines. 

With a special Brighton Marina sponsor, the over-sized neutral patchwork dollies of 'SmartFolk' by Emma Burniston appealed to the sunshine seaside city, playing with frills combined with masculine tailored shapes. The 'laundry bundle' inspired headdresses nodded to a modern twist on the turban, worn in a The Only Way is Brighton way. 

 Stirring up the audience in a unexpected fashion frenzy, Anna Bykova's adjustable features caught the eye of many cameras, creating a pause at the end of the runway while one model transformed the other's accessory into a fully-functioning quilted over-coat [as seen above] combining useful & fashionable in an ecological yet sporty twist.

Collaborating with the event sponsors, Daisy H-B created her 'Dumpster Design' collection from recycled magazines, sculpted into ball-gowns of layered news & gossip. Presenting the more obvious use of eco-fashion through the use of typically associated recycled materials proved effective & created a high comparison level to the more materialistic creations, stretching the limits of what sustainability can achieve.

Captured in cocoon shoulders, feathered plastics & structured neutral canvas tones, Anja Crabb expressed her 'Past:Present' Womenswear collection with ease. The shapes presented ease of wear, with brushes of mustards & sky to lighten the palette.

*personal highlight...reflective trousers*

Liora Lassalle really embraced texture in an admirable way for her Autumn/Winter'13 collection, strikingly combining neon panels with reflective tape with an inventive touch. Worn with birds-nest messy Victorian costume wigs, the flashes of yellow were more street style on the catwalk than double yellow lines!

Menswear in the Sustain show continued to push the boundaries with head-to-toe potato bag inspired disguises to painterly suits, fast-forwarding the models down the runway like a flash. With features including built in gloves that permanently held the star trek hand signal to papery effect fabric, it is the detail that makes the difference.

Looking down the catwalk to the high reach of the stained glass church walls, the backdrop to Henrietta Ludgate's 'Supernova' finale couldn't dream to be more surreal. With her minimalistic structural silhouettes breaking away from the dusky arches, it felt like seeing a heavenly angel calling us to the end of a striking Brighton Fashion Week 2013 Sustain show.

MeetYourMaker @ BrightonFashionWeek
Thank you for having us


Brighton is a versatile seaside city, with much more to offer than just an alternative shopping experience. During the day between the BFW shows, we hit the characteristic pebble beach to combine lines & complement colours of my MeetYourMaker look...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Tribal print crop top *made by me*
  • Blue satin pleated maxi-skirt *made by me*

Accessorize my Life...
  • Black leather rucksack
  • Herbie the car! *on the summer road-trip wish list*

Sustain show highlights to come later...keep your eyes on MeetYourMaker!

Friday, 14 June 2013


A fashion show in a church is one of the controversial highlights of Brighton Fashion Week...and that isn't even considering the vibrant array of fashions flooding the catwalk! On one hand it felt wrong sipping on a white wine while waiting for the Zeitgeist show, but the excitement was buzzing round the stained glass windows more than the organ tunes could ever imagine.

MeetYourMaker was positioned in the second FROW [Fashion talk for front-row!] and poised  with line-up & camera in hand to soak in the style of this creative seaside city. 

Above: Sean's animalistic approach to formal dressing...combine an embroidered zebra tie with a printed toucan pocket square for a suited & booted look with a fun twist.

With more to come in the form of tonight's 'Sustain' show, the highlights of last night are still lingering in my head, with promises of much imagination & creation...

Aimee Matthew-John's '1.Trouser' collection combined menswear tailoring inspiration with accentuated back view features which I felt was an observation of the femininity of the fashion world. 


'Slab City' expressed the vibrant creativity of Katie Jones' Spring/Summer'14 collection. As a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, Jones' modern crochet sums up Brighton's fun-loving approach to life perfectly, reflected in the chatty uproar of the audience & the click of iPhone photos capturing the imitable moment the tea-cosy faced & pom-pom headed models hit the runway.  

Frances O'Leary filled the high ceilings of the church with dreamy forest print repeats in springtime pastel hues. ''Time and Lines' presented a neutral kaleidoscope of layered silks that left the audience in a surreal state, wishing one could slip on those glitter jelly shoes & dance into the perfect printed dream.

The pair that makes Dioralop [Polaroid backwards] combines creativity with wear-ability, perfected through monochrome tones in what struck my eye as skeleton/x-ray inspired inky prints, worn loosely with wet-look hair, the look could be taken straight from the midnight festival scene. 

Summing up the starting night of BFW'13 with fireworks full of feathers & a cocktail full of drama, the well-awaited 'Parachutes and Birds [The Roadkill Couture AIR collection]' by Jess Eaton for Eatonnott created a wave of excitement throughout the audience. Worn in the hair, over the shoulders & covering the trails of models who's opaquely disguised faces froze the roadkill feathers in the moment, who knew feathers could create such a stir within a fashionable crowd. Explained how the feathers would otherwise have no use, some were surprised at their re-created appearance whereas other reveled in their structural composition. Combined with parachute fabrics & silhouettes, the AIR collection was a dramatic end to a showstopping night...

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Occasion: The day of the night Brighton Fashion Week '13 kicks-off
Situation: Dressing to embrace the windswept look

Preparing for a Fashion Week is like awaiting a never know what to expect! 
And by the windswept looks of Brighton, it looked like a fashion storm was brewing...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Studded black leather jacket *wardrobe jacket staple*
  • Mushroom-toned dress *worn as top just seen & under skirt* [Topshop]
  • Cream polka-dot chiffon pleated skirt *opaque layers keep the windswept look fun & frivolous*  
Accessorize my Life...
  • Gold hoop necklace *made by me* [Beads from India]
  • Pocket-watch pendant necklace *Brighton find of the day*
  • Leather & gold detail belt
  • Black patent handbag *pick up the gold tones with accents through accessories*
  • Platform wood & suede heels *for true lift off in style...combine a breezy seaside stroll with wedged walkable platforms*

MeetYourMaker @ BrightonFashionWeek
Keep your eyes open for all the latest blog updates!

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Occasion: Weekend break in my hometown of Hastings
Situation: Dressing for the breezy seaside

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Navy blazer *borrowed from the boyfriend*
  • Grey crop top *cropped by me* [Zara]
  • White paisley skirt *current wardrobe favorite - wear many ways*

Accessorize my Life...
    • Black Ray Ban wayfarers
    • Black leather rucksack *added accessory of Konky the Koala!*

    A weekend away isn't complete with a walk...and this time I was walking my koala! In preparation for the kitsch extravaganza of Brighton fashion Week, I added a little quirk to my look with a cute cuddly hopping in my bag for the ride! Channeling the fun-loving 90s revival trend, raid the teddy-bear's picnic to pick your summer accessory & add attitude by pairing with a sporty crop-top & trainers. Add a floaty skirt to tease the breeze & some sunnies on top of the head to try to keep the fly-away hairs in place!

    Monday, 3 June 2013


    Occasion: Inviting new opportunities into my life
    Situation:  Preparing for Brighton Fashion Week

    Blogurtunities are on-trend right now, along with neon tones & crisp white combinations, however blogging-opportunities is quickly becoming my top summer trend. Aiming to fill my summer spare time & opening the world's eyes to fresh new fashion talent, I am devoting myself to full-time fashion, blogging about events & documenting the world through my MeetYourMaker looks...

    My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
    • 'Wild' top [Topshop]
    • Cream blazer *smartens up the perfect summer skirt*
    • Paisley print white skirt *latest wardrobe addition* [H&M]
    Accessorize my Life...
    • Tan & black raffia clutch bag
    • Black wedge heels

    Selected to blog Brighton Fashion Week, excitement is high in my head & whizzing round my mind like a fashion fever. Dressing the part is key, so today I channeled my 'wild side', preparing for this years BFW. As generally known, Brighton is a place of diversity & creativity. And this is what BFW aims to express perfectly, fitting all the artists & individual expression into one small week of the year. However, this week promises to be quite like no other.  Labelled as 'showcasing innovation', BFW is an annual extravaganza in its forth year of opportunities & amazement. Giving opportunities for up-and-coming talent to display alongside more established names, BFW was immediately a recipe for success & so continues to be...

    Expressing Brighton's individual creativity through the high-end 'Zeitgeist' catwalk show to the hands-on 'People's Day' based around the high-street highlight that is Churchill Square, the buzz for Brighton Fashion Week is growing. To fit in with the Brighton 'fasionista-hipsters' my outfit creations are in the thougth-processing stage, promising to bring you some of my most colourful, creative MeetYourMaker outfits to stand-out & sum-up the event.

    Looking through the designer profiles, I personally believe the Sustain show, debuting this year, will be one to watch as it is drawing attention to relevant issues within the industry, proving that environmentally conscious design can still be fashionable, which has previously raised doubts. The show aims to display the 'art of eco-fashion' proving that the limits don't just stop at recycled paper dresses & plastic bags, but instead beautiful, wearable fashion.

    There are many highlights I am looking forward to throughout the awaited shows. Leading the way for the Sustain show include the Womenswear designer George May who focuses on ski-wear with eco-values [] which isn't my usual style but offers an individual approach to functional yet sustainable design. An alternative choice of statement jewellery comes in the form of designer Belles Bejewelled [] which I am excited to see through the persepctive of a different accessories catwalk presentation.

    The Zeitgeist show plans to open BFW with a bang, being many fashionista's highlight, with my eye firmly on Central Saint Martin's graduate Aimee Matthew-John's  interesting Menswear inspired silhouettes [] & Belgrade's prestigious Jovana Markovic who has already been awarded many accolades.

    Keep your eyes fixed on this space & BFW's website for regular updates...