Thursday, 30 August 2012


I love treating my friends & I love making things...
A perfect combination for a day's baking!

With friend's birthdays filling these holiday months, I thought I'd take some time out to put some thought into their gifts. After all, it is the thought that counts!

Three words to describe my baked beauties...
Personal, Cute and Edible!...what more could you want?

I started by making the cute shortcake biscuits, using a simple recipe...then shaping them into teddy bears, little ducks & love hearts. Then they were ready to personalize...matching the shapes to the friends!

Let's get personal...
I used icing sugar to add letters to the cookies & I also created 'booties' for the teddy-shaped cookies by making a special chocolate dip using dark chocolate, golden syrup & icing sugar...

I also dipped the ducky's beaks into the they look like they are chocoholics!

Make Treats. Make Smiles.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Recently a friend I have known for a long time won a new privileged position at this year's Reading Festival...Lotti St. Aubyn was the Mayor of Reading Festival!

*News Flash!*

So, this was the first time Reading, or any other Festival, has had a Mayor. And lucky Lotti earned that privileged! As she explains in the video clip, in the link above, wannabes had to apply on the Reading Festival Facebook page with their 'Top 5 Musical Manifesto'. Lotti then left it to fate...but received an email a couple of weeks later informing her that she had made the top 5! From that point she really worked on getting all the votes she could, creating a Facebook event page to ensure that people were voting every day for her...and she eventually tallied up over a million votes! That's dedication for you...but it all paid off!

At the same time as supporting Lotti's votes, I was also supporting my dedication by posting up new photographs of my latest creations, my 'transitional tops', on my Annie Oakes Designs page...and one of them particularly caught her eye!
My 'Skull' top, featuring a Alexander McQueen-esque pattern & beaded trimming, was en-route to Lotti before you could say 'festival-fashion'...and she reassured me that she would be wearing it to open Reading Festival 2012! You can even see a peek of it in the video link above...

Lotti pulls off my design just how I imagined it, although the Mayoral accessories are optional! In this photograph, she has paired my top with a figure-hugging black skirt, which compliments the details very nicely. Even the red from the robe gives a powerful colour-punch to the look and the jewels accentuate the beads on the fringing! And that hat...well it just draws out that piratey side to my printed creation. This is a top festival look!


In a MeetYourMaker exclusive, I asked Lotti some key quick-fire questions in my own personal interview after she had recovered from her Reading Mayoral duties...

MeetYourMaker: Hi Lotti! I hope you have now recovered from the festival & this opportunity, it looked amazing! So, what roles did you have as mayor? And what is your best mayoral memory from the festival?
Lotti: As mayor I had to actually open the festival! There was a ribbon cutting ceremony on the Friday and I opened the main arena. When the ribbon was cut there was a huge cheer and it was amazing.

There were also various other perks such as VIP camping and access to the guest area, I got to meet lots of amazing people. It was definitely a once in a life time experience! I think the best mayoral memory was seeing Florence and the machine from the side of the main stage. It was such an incredible experience and she is definitely one of the best live acts I've seen in a while!

Lotti's In Demand!...
Being Interviewed While Wearing My Annie Oakes Designs' Top!

MYM: What is the ultimate 'festival fashion' for you?
Lotti: For me, i think festival fashion should be a mix of a grunge style with hints of femininity. I chose to wear an Annie Oakes Designs top to open the festival because for me it just totally embodies festival style; fringing, skulls, what more could you want really? My favorite outfit I wore whilst I was there was a floral high waisted skirt, with a washed denim bralet, and then my studded leather jacket over the top to bring the look together.

MYMWhat one thing do you recommend taking to a festival?
Lotti: I would absolutely recommend taking dry shampoo! I forgot to take any which resulted in me queuing for hours for the showers so I could wash my hair!

MYM: What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe, and why?

Lotti: Hmm, its so difficult to choose just one! I would have to say one of my (many) big knits. They go with everything and are so comfy to throw on whilst still looking fashionable.

A big thanks to Lotti for contributing to this exclusive blog feature...we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next festival season!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So...Creamfields was cancelled on day 2. 
Our tent was swallowed by mud. The main stage was collapsing. 
But we survived. And we did it in style.

Above: Where our tent was on the 1st night...

Festivals are all about Fashion for me. Why would I use a capital F otherwise?
Of course there is the music, dancing, the amazing atmosphere, the crazy people & all the memories. But festival fashion requires a particular organisation. Mainly for our wonderful British weather...

Regular readers of MeetYourMaker will know I also contribute to a fashion magazine blog called Fashion For Thought [check out the link in 'My Favorites' to the right >>]
In this week's issue, I explored festival fashion from a wide variety of angles & talked about my latest festival rain coat!

Because I love going into detail about my 'makes' on MeetYourMaker [the clue is kind of in the title!] I thought I'd feature my raincoat in this festival feverish post!

Three words that sum-up my latest creation...

Red. Water-resistant. And Fashionable [well, as fashionable as a raincoat can be!]

I began creating my raincoat from a Menswear pattern I have in my design collections. It is a Tommy Hilfiger one, and a Large one at that, but I figured I was going to be majorly layering up underneath it, if the weekend's weather forecast of heavy rain was right...and it definitely was!

My Raincoat was put to the test...and it survived through rain, mud, wind &  drink spillages! I kept the design quite simple, so complexities wouldn't compromise the quality. But I edited the original pattern so it fit me & my style.

This is how the original Tommy Hilfiger Menswear Parka would have looked like...

However, I found this image of a Womenswear Tommy Hilfiger & I prefer the way it contrasts to traditional features by adding extra details, like the multiple pockets. 

These khaki & camel colour schemes would have been greatly suited to the mud, but who wants to blend in anyway?

These crazy people obviously wanted to!

Saturday, 25 August 2012


The Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching...
Shops are buzzing. Manchester is gearing up for it's gay pride weekend finale. 
And I am packing my bags for a festival!

I have only ever been to one 'big' festival in my life, Hop Farm festival. It is big, but not big. So many people may not have heard of it. It's genre focuses on folk/rock, so it was a chilled out weekend, lounging around in the sunshine, drinking cider on the grass. 
I expect Creamfields to be very different.

Being a dance festival [and who doesn't like to dance?!] I am thoroughly looking forward to this weekend planning for a BIG one! I have just bought a 24-pack, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of shots...with my arms nearly giving way carrying it back home! But what I am most looking forward to is the festival fashion...of course!

The weather forecasts predicts heavy rain on Saturday, but sunny spells on my fingers are crossed! To get prepared for our unpredictable British weather, I have my black patent wellies in stand-by...but no waterproof coat in sight! So I made one...

*Image coming in a special festival fashion post!*

I chose red as it will hopefully brighten up the wet mood & it easy to find within a vast festival field! I took inspiration from a Menswear Tommy Hilfiger Parka pattern, and edited it to my style.  

I look forward to showing this off at the festival...
even if it will instantly be smothered in mud!

I look forward to snapping some of the best festival fashions around...
and reporting them back to you!

I look forward to Creamfields!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Recently I have focused on what inspires me in the world…everything!
So when you see this photo, it might seem rather random at first, but all will come clear…


I found this colour theme on the bus home from work. To many it is probably a ‘girly’ painted train. However, to me it reflects some key current trends...pastel colours & studded embellishments.

Two-Tone Dress
£14 [was £34.99 previously!] from New Look

Two-Tone Studded Shorts…

Two colours combined in one garment is hot right now, especially on the festival catwalk, so the dip dyed effect is perfect to reflect the trends. To create your own, buy a pastel pair of hot-pants, select & make your dye, then simple dip the bottom half in! Have fun by mixing colours & adding embellishments like punky studs!

Every Pavement Is Your Catwalk...

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I mentioned in my last post that I gain inspiration from all around.
People. Places. Occassions.
Today, nature was particularly drawn to my attention.
This amazing sunset greeted me as I left just made my day.

I Love The Reflections!
If Only Premier Inn Wasn't Interrupting The Skyline!

Recent memories were also rediscovered when my Dad sent me a photo of me on the rocks in Cornwall…eating a Cornish Pasty of course! Nothing less...


I gain inspiration from everything around.
Life inspires me.
That is why I like to enjoy everything in life.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Soft Boiled Egg with Peppered Beans, Fresh Spinach & Crispy Rice-cakes 

Fried Egg on top of a wilted bed of Spinach & Herb Tomatoes
with a Cauliflower Cheese Rosti

Food is a life necessity. But it is also a pleasure.

I enjoy making food & eating it. The creation is much like creating anything else…a painting, jewellery & even clothes. I like experimenting with new ingredients, recipes & techniques, so I comprised these breakfast egg recipes from my own imagination…and what was in my cupboard! I felt like I was on Ready. Steady, Cook...but at least I had a scrummy breakfast to get the day started!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


‘Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory.’

Anya is a top stylist for ShoeDazzle, a Los Angeles-based online personalized styling & retail service that features reality tv show star & model Kim Kardashian! ShoeDazzle styles & sells women's shoes, handbags and jewellery personally selected by their fashion experts, with every item being just $39.95 each [plus free shipping]

Anya recently contacted me by email, complimenting my MeetYourMaker blog & it is such a pleasure for her to be my first guest post on MeetYourMaker…


Feel and Look Great in Your Summer Clothes

How you dress makes a big impact on how you feel.  The clothes and shoes you pick express your unique personality and show the world who you are.  Wearing an outfit that is perfectly "you" can make a bad day better and be the cherry on top of a great one.  

An important part of choosing an outfit is being true to yourself.  Trying to look like someone else is never as natural and effortless as accepting yourself and loving your own style.  When you feel comfortable in what you're wearing (and in your own skin) it shows - and it makes your clothes look even better!

Summer clothes are fun and flirty, and there are many popular options to choose from.  Patterned shorts, peasant tops, maxi dresses, wedge shoes, brightly colored bags, etc. - the sky is the limit.  The goal is to combine these different elements into an outfit that fits your personal style.  

Beige Camilla Maxi-Dress

If you're not too into trendy pieces, try choosing just one or two to highlight in an outfit.  Patterned shorts and peasant tops are a fun combination, and they look great on anyone, especially when paired with wedges - they'll make your legs look long and lean.

There are a lot of beautiful summer shoes available.  Brightly colored flat sandals are a great way to add color to any outfit, and wedges add a little bit of flirtiness.  Strappy sandals are always a good choice too, especially for sundresses.  If you're feeling adventurous, pair your shoes with a contrasting and colorful handbag. 

'Evelyn' Style Wedge, From ShoeDazzle

Once you've found the perfect outfit and shoes, it's time to accessorize!  This is where you can complete your outfit and make it unique.  Long necklaces, statement necklaces, bangle bracelets, and big earrings are all popular.  However, it's best not to add too many competing pieces to an outfit.  Pick a couple of your favorites and make sure the styles are similar to avoid a busy look.

When you're picking an outfit, shoes, and accessories, don't be afraid to take a few chances.  Try what you love and wear it with confidence.  Who knows - you just might start a new trend!


Anya’s online sites are currently undergoing a major design, but keep your eye on MeetYourMaker, & her amazing style site for more updates...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Coming up this week, I have secured an exclusive for MeetYourMaker, in the form of a special guest post.

Please keep you eyes on my page & updates, it will be worth the wait!

One little clue to keep your interest up...
It follows my recent focus...Accessories!

Monday, 13 August 2012


As avid followers of MeetYourMaker may know, I also contribute to a new fashion magazine blog called Fashion For Thought, in which I write an article about Womenswear & a piece about my own designs each week…

This week I focused on a sub-culture of fashion…accessories. They are often dismissed, but they can make or break an outfit. Check out this week’s article in issue number 4, by following the link in My Favorites to the right >>>

To supplement this article & its image, I took some snaps of today’s accessories to help people placing together their look…

Taken by my necklace cascade, I complimented my pastel canary vest with a pastel blue & pink scarf, tied in a bow around my hair, picking up on the floral white lace embellishing the v-curve. In contrast to my monochrome sixties look yesterday, featured in Fashion For Thought, I focused on pastels, tying them together with a subtle pale pink lipstick, 'Pink Blush' by Rimmel.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Seeing as I have just finished my afternoon shift at work, I thought now would be a prime time to update you on my previous post. Working in the 'Factory Girl' trend of Topshop today, where yesterday's outfit was inspired by, a few garments relevant to my featured outfit caught my eye...

I've kept my selections quite monochrome, to achieve that sixties sophistication, but I have also demonstrated in my last post that colour can easily be used!

Premium Double Tweed Parka [£195]

Knitted Tape Mix Jacket [£36]

Knitted Necklace Jumper [£45]

Animal Jacquard Cigarette Trousers
Bound Jacquard Shorts [£30]

Houndstooth Snaffle Loafers [£32]

Topshop suggests mixing loose monochrome knits with patterned skinny trousers to achieve an androgynous mod look, or show your feminine side with their twin boucle sets. The overall look is topped off by either big boyish duffle coats or box cropped jackets, with of course a final swish of eyeliner...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Occasion: Haircut at Vidal Sassoon!

Today’s Outfit Recipe [let's take it from the top]...
  • Pink & grey tweed box jacket
  • Pinky purple crop top *hand cropped myself*
  • Black high-waisted leggings [Zara]
  • Black patent loafers

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Black Ray-Ban sunglasses *I must admit these are the boyfriend’s*
  • Silver flying eagle pendant
  • A new haircut!

With An Essence Of...
  • Hairdresser’s Hairspray darling!

Sipping on…
  • Frothy coffee at the hairdressers!

Inspired by the factory girls of the swinging sixties, currently one of the four trends at Topshop, box shapes & block colours were key in today’s outfit recipe. Because I was going for a haircut, I decided to keep each garment pretty simple to ensure there was no fuss with extra hair trimmings! I wanted my look to reflect my haircut, quite sleek & geometric, so I kept the colours complementary up top, picking out a tone of pink from the jacket & reflecting it in my crop top. I opted for the crop top to add extra proportions to the look & ensure the overall finish wasn’t too square. Dig out your old jersey tee & carefully cut the bottom off, just above the belly button line to achieve this look on a student budget!
I decided to keep the lower look darker to add a sophisticated edge and to reflect Manchester’s regular temperamental mood. Matched accessories, like Ray-Bans’ instantly recognisable shape, help finish off that 60s side!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


There is a new fashion blog in the style of a magazine on the scene!
Fashion For Thought is the creation of Sean Taylorson, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and as avid followers of my blog might already know, the man in my life…

He had a vision of an online magazine, but in the style of a blog, that contains a wide variety of the fashion world in one wonderful bundle. Womenswear, menswear, fashion photography, fashion in the news, fashion philosophy & even a special section dedication to my creations is included…Our Own Designer Annie Oakes. 
Sean brought together our creative bundle of friends & is gradually building up this fashion revolution. With issue 3, a Fashion Vs. Music special, just being published on blogspot, viewers can subscribe on the blog by email to receive regular updates.

My recent article focused on a ‘transitional top’ I designed & created recently that can be worn in up to 4-ways!

Check out Fashion For Thought for the full article & fashion exclusives…