Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Recently a friend I have known for a long time won a new privileged position at this year's Reading Festival...Lotti St. Aubyn was the Mayor of Reading Festival!

*News Flash!*

So, this was the first time Reading, or any other Festival, has had a Mayor. And lucky Lotti earned that privileged! As she explains in the video clip, in the link above, wannabes had to apply on the Reading Festival Facebook page with their 'Top 5 Musical Manifesto'. Lotti then left it to fate...but received an email a couple of weeks later informing her that she had made the top 5! From that point she really worked on getting all the votes she could, creating a Facebook event page to ensure that people were voting every day for her...and she eventually tallied up over a million votes! That's dedication for you...but it all paid off!

At the same time as supporting Lotti's votes, I was also supporting my dedication by posting up new photographs of my latest creations, my 'transitional tops', on my Annie Oakes Designs page...and one of them particularly caught her eye!
My 'Skull' top, featuring a Alexander McQueen-esque pattern & beaded trimming, was en-route to Lotti before you could say 'festival-fashion'...and she reassured me that she would be wearing it to open Reading Festival 2012! You can even see a peek of it in the video link above...

Lotti pulls off my design just how I imagined it, although the Mayoral accessories are optional! In this photograph, she has paired my top with a figure-hugging black skirt, which compliments the details very nicely. Even the red from the robe gives a powerful colour-punch to the look and the jewels accentuate the beads on the fringing! And that hat...well it just draws out that piratey side to my printed creation. This is a top festival look!


In a MeetYourMaker exclusive, I asked Lotti some key quick-fire questions in my own personal interview after she had recovered from her Reading Mayoral duties...

MeetYourMaker: Hi Lotti! I hope you have now recovered from the festival & this opportunity, it looked amazing! So, what roles did you have as mayor? And what is your best mayoral memory from the festival?
Lotti: As mayor I had to actually open the festival! There was a ribbon cutting ceremony on the Friday and I opened the main arena. When the ribbon was cut there was a huge cheer and it was amazing.

There were also various other perks such as VIP camping and access to the guest area, I got to meet lots of amazing people. It was definitely a once in a life time experience! I think the best mayoral memory was seeing Florence and the machine from the side of the main stage. It was such an incredible experience and she is definitely one of the best live acts I've seen in a while!

Lotti's In Demand!...
Being Interviewed While Wearing My Annie Oakes Designs' Top!

MYM: What is the ultimate 'festival fashion' for you?
Lotti: For me, i think festival fashion should be a mix of a grunge style with hints of femininity. I chose to wear an Annie Oakes Designs top to open the festival because for me it just totally embodies festival style; fringing, skulls, what more could you want really? My favorite outfit I wore whilst I was there was a floral high waisted skirt, with a washed denim bralet, and then my studded leather jacket over the top to bring the look together.

MYMWhat one thing do you recommend taking to a festival?
Lotti: I would absolutely recommend taking dry shampoo! I forgot to take any which resulted in me queuing for hours for the showers so I could wash my hair!

MYM: What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe, and why?

Lotti: Hmm, its so difficult to choose just one! I would have to say one of my (many) big knits. They go with everything and are so comfy to throw on whilst still looking fashionable.

A big thanks to Lotti for contributing to this exclusive blog feature...we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next festival season!

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