Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Occasion: Haircut at Vidal Sassoon!

Today’s Outfit Recipe [let's take it from the top]...
  • Pink & grey tweed box jacket
  • Pinky purple crop top *hand cropped myself*
  • Black high-waisted leggings [Zara]
  • Black patent loafers

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Black Ray-Ban sunglasses *I must admit these are the boyfriend’s*
  • Silver flying eagle pendant
  • A new haircut!

With An Essence Of...
  • Hairdresser’s Hairspray darling!

Sipping on…
  • Frothy coffee at the hairdressers!

Inspired by the factory girls of the swinging sixties, currently one of the four trends at Topshop, box shapes & block colours were key in today’s outfit recipe. Because I was going for a haircut, I decided to keep each garment pretty simple to ensure there was no fuss with extra hair trimmings! I wanted my look to reflect my haircut, quite sleek & geometric, so I kept the colours complementary up top, picking out a tone of pink from the jacket & reflecting it in my crop top. I opted for the crop top to add extra proportions to the look & ensure the overall finish wasn’t too square. Dig out your old jersey tee & carefully cut the bottom off, just above the belly button line to achieve this look on a student budget!
I decided to keep the lower look darker to add a sophisticated edge and to reflect Manchester’s regular temperamental mood. Matched accessories, like Ray-Bans’ instantly recognisable shape, help finish off that 60s side!

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