Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So...Creamfields was cancelled on day 2. 
Our tent was swallowed by mud. The main stage was collapsing. 
But we survived. And we did it in style.

Above: Where our tent was on the 1st night...

Festivals are all about Fashion for me. Why would I use a capital F otherwise?
Of course there is the music, dancing, the amazing atmosphere, the crazy people & all the memories. But festival fashion requires a particular organisation. Mainly for our wonderful British weather...

Regular readers of MeetYourMaker will know I also contribute to a fashion magazine blog called Fashion For Thought [check out the link in 'My Favorites' to the right >>]
In this week's issue, I explored festival fashion from a wide variety of angles & talked about my latest creation...my festival rain coat!

Because I love going into detail about my 'makes' on MeetYourMaker [the clue is kind of in the title!] I thought I'd feature my raincoat in this festival feverish post!

Three words that sum-up my latest creation...

Red. Water-resistant. And Fashionable [well, as fashionable as a raincoat can be!]

I began creating my raincoat from a Menswear pattern I have in my design collections. It is a Tommy Hilfiger one, and a Large one at that, but I figured I was going to be majorly layering up underneath it, if the weekend's weather forecast of heavy rain was right...and it definitely was!

My Raincoat was put to the test...and it survived through rain, mud, wind &  drink spillages! I kept the design quite simple, so complexities wouldn't compromise the quality. But I edited the original pattern so it fit me & my style.

This is how the original Tommy Hilfiger Menswear Parka would have looked like...

However, I found this image of a Womenswear Tommy Hilfiger & I prefer the way it contrasts to traditional features by adding extra details, like the multiple pockets. 

These khaki & camel colour schemes would have been greatly suited to the mud, but who wants to blend in anyway?

These crazy people obviously wanted to!

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