Monday, 13 August 2012


As avid followers of MeetYourMaker may know, I also contribute to a new fashion magazine blog called Fashion For Thought, in which I write an article about Womenswear & a piece about my own designs each week…

This week I focused on a sub-culture of fashion…accessories. They are often dismissed, but they can make or break an outfit. Check out this week’s article in issue number 4, by following the link in My Favorites to the right >>>

To supplement this article & its image, I took some snaps of today’s accessories to help people placing together their look…

Taken by my necklace cascade, I complimented my pastel canary vest with a pastel blue & pink scarf, tied in a bow around my hair, picking up on the floral white lace embellishing the v-curve. In contrast to my monochrome sixties look yesterday, featured in Fashion For Thought, I focused on pastels, tying them together with a subtle pale pink lipstick, 'Pink Blush' by Rimmel.

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