Monday, 30 July 2012


Summer is a time for chilling out…and hopefully enjoying the sunshine!
So where better to do this than Cornwall?
Your clothes should reflect a number of things including your mood, the weather & wherever you may be! The key is to embrace these factors & have fun with creating your looks!

Outfit Recipe [Let’s Take It From The Top!]…
  • Mint green jersey vest
  • Floral board shorts [Billabong]
  • Floral & parrot print bikini *worn underneath…not that hot to swim!* [Matthew Williamson for Debenhams]

A Sprinkle Of Accessories…
  • Coral floral patterned Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • Pedicured feet *well it is the beach!*

Top Tips...
I chose to combine two-types of floral patterns, ensuring that the coral tones flowed through both to avoid too much of a ‘crazy-clash’! Steer away from tailored bottom layers & tricky shoes for a laid back beach look [and to beat all the boys at football!]

Friday, 27 July 2012


Following up from my last post, here is my newest purchase in action...

Occasion: All-you-can-eat Chinese Meal

My Outfit Recipe [Let's Take It From The Top!]...
  • Vintage Denim Jacket
  • Blue & White Floral 'Mullet' Style Dress [Topshop] *this floaty style is perfect for when a big meal is planned!*
  • Yellow Ochre Leather & Wood Wedges *New Shoe Buy*

Sean's Outfit Recipe [Let's Take It From The Top!]...
  • Light Denim Jacket [Topman]
  • Mick Jagger T-shirt
  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Blue Vans 

A visit down to the seaside also means a compulsory ice cream!...

My Outfit Recipe *take #2*...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As I informed in my previous post, I am now a Topshop employee! As you may imagine, we are expected to look good for the role! We get a ‘uniform’ allowance & try to wear at least one piece of Topshop when working. However, to mix things up a bit we are allowed to wear others brands as long as we look like a Topshop lady!

For my first day I went for the ‘look’ over the ‘label’…maybe a bit of a risk choosing a vintage skirt paired with one of my own design tops, but I wanted to stand out individual way, not just let Topshop do the talking! But I did support some Topshop ‘Freedom’ jewellery to top off my look!

In my current wardrobe there are a few key pieces from the Topshop label, including a little black dress, high-waisted leggings, wet-look leggings & ready-to-wear printed tees. Being an employee gives me a great opportunity to expand my wardrobe & this is where I began…

This is from the ‘trend’ section I was working in…Scandi Girl. Inspired by Nordic style, this look combines layered cosy textures & autumnal floral prints, ready for A/W ’12. Keep the look fresh & not frumpy by pairing easy pinafore style dresses with button-up shirts, vintage-style denim & essential ankle boots.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


…Into the wide world of Topshoppers. 
Not just people that are great at shopping, but the actual acclaimed Topshop! 

I know thousands pine for a job at the fashion superstore of the arcadia group, so I must admit that I was in total shock when I received an interview, let alone getting the ominous ‘unknown number’ phone call that delivered the good news!

Yes I am a fashion student, so some people might say I was bound to get the job, but so far I have met architects, anthropologists & even someone who used to swim for our country!
I think that’s what makes a good team…diversity. Especially with a renowned brand like Topshop & Topman…they don’t want their customers looking the same, so why should all their staff be the same?

This leads back to my style. Staff are employed to promote the brand, and are therefore expected to wear, or at least look ‘Topshop’. Despite the generous discounts, this is tricky to do when you are currently in 4 days a week, looking different every day of every week. 

This is when pure style comes in. My moto is going to be: ‘Topshop Fashion + Annie Oakes Designs = Top Annie!’ Why not? I aim to combine special Topshop pieces [statement buys that would be difficult for me to make] with garments of my own design & creation to create my own individual ‘Top Look’! I will report back as soon as I’ve had my first shift, which I am currently waiting on the irregular Sunday trains for.

I will leave you with my current Top 3 Topshop finds, an instant outfit, that I am seriously considering adding to my wardrobe when my staff discount comes in...
 Over & Out Fashionistas.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I am afraid it has been a while. Long than I wished, but MeetYourMaker Blog is storming back big time & obviously fashionably!

Well, what has MeetYourMaker been up to in this prolonged break from blogging? 
Enjoying the summer. Travelling. Making & creating. So there is lots to be updated on!

Let's begin with what this blog is all about...Fashion!

Our world revolves around money [unfortunately!] so I recently started a job search in order to fill my summer spare time [and to help pay for my newly moved into house, of which I share with 8 friends!]
In the meantime I got to work on my own project... hand-making clothes to sell. I get great satisfaction in imagining & then creating a garment out of dressmaking ingredients: a flat piece of material and a needle & thread, watching it come to life. The satisfaction grows when you see someone wearing one of your designs, knowing they paid their own good money for it because they love it & feel amazing in it!
In the few weeks since I returned from abroad, I have managed to design & make nearly 20 tops, in 3 original trends. These are to be eventually sold in Little Treasures Boutique in my hometown of Hastings, East Sussex. 

However, I aim to set up an online shop soon & to take orders, as every piece is individual, therefore you won't find another one like it!
You can also contact me on my Facebook Design page for further enquiries...


Inspired by a Very British Summer, 'Oh I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside' is a collaboration of nautical-style prints, floating materials & cute trimmings. The perfect recipe to enjoy the frivolity of the summer months...

Sheer panels & opaque prints make up this trend. Our British weather isn't always predictable so this trend is to suit any situation that Mother Nature unexpectedly throws at us. The playful prints combined with the contrasting fabrics adds a street-style edge to this look...

'Geometric Pop' focuses on colour blocking & linear prints that immediately draw your eye to the piece. Details including trimmings, panels & poppers that add a functional feel to this independent trend, whether it's a picnic in the park, or cocktails in town...