Sunday, 22 July 2012


…Into the wide world of Topshoppers. 
Not just people that are great at shopping, but the actual acclaimed Topshop! 

I know thousands pine for a job at the fashion superstore of the arcadia group, so I must admit that I was in total shock when I received an interview, let alone getting the ominous ‘unknown number’ phone call that delivered the good news!

Yes I am a fashion student, so some people might say I was bound to get the job, but so far I have met architects, anthropologists & even someone who used to swim for our country!
I think that’s what makes a good team…diversity. Especially with a renowned brand like Topshop & Topman…they don’t want their customers looking the same, so why should all their staff be the same?

This leads back to my style. Staff are employed to promote the brand, and are therefore expected to wear, or at least look ‘Topshop’. Despite the generous discounts, this is tricky to do when you are currently in 4 days a week, looking different every day of every week. 

This is when pure style comes in. My moto is going to be: ‘Topshop Fashion + Annie Oakes Designs = Top Annie!’ Why not? I aim to combine special Topshop pieces [statement buys that would be difficult for me to make] with garments of my own design & creation to create my own individual ‘Top Look’! I will report back as soon as I’ve had my first shift, which I am currently waiting on the irregular Sunday trains for.

I will leave you with my current Top 3 Topshop finds, an instant outfit, that I am seriously considering adding to my wardrobe when my staff discount comes in...
 Over & Out Fashionistas.

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