Saturday, 25 August 2012


The Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching...
Shops are buzzing. Manchester is gearing up for it's gay pride weekend finale. 
And I am packing my bags for a festival!

I have only ever been to one 'big' festival in my life, Hop Farm festival. It is big, but not big. So many people may not have heard of it. It's genre focuses on folk/rock, so it was a chilled out weekend, lounging around in the sunshine, drinking cider on the grass. 
I expect Creamfields to be very different.

Being a dance festival [and who doesn't like to dance?!] I am thoroughly looking forward to this weekend planning for a BIG one! I have just bought a 24-pack, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of shots...with my arms nearly giving way carrying it back home! But what I am most looking forward to is the festival fashion...of course!

The weather forecasts predicts heavy rain on Saturday, but sunny spells on my fingers are crossed! To get prepared for our unpredictable British weather, I have my black patent wellies in stand-by...but no waterproof coat in sight! So I made one...

*Image coming in a special festival fashion post!*

I chose red as it will hopefully brighten up the wet mood & it easy to find within a vast festival field! I took inspiration from a Menswear Tommy Hilfiger Parka pattern, and edited it to my style.  

I look forward to showing this off at the festival...
even if it will instantly be smothered in mud!

I look forward to snapping some of the best festival fashions around...
and reporting them back to you!

I look forward to Creamfields!

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