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‘Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory.’

Anya is a top stylist for ShoeDazzle, a Los Angeles-based online personalized styling & retail service that features reality tv show star & model Kim Kardashian! ShoeDazzle styles & sells women's shoes, handbags and jewellery personally selected by their fashion experts, with every item being just $39.95 each [plus free shipping]

Anya recently contacted me by email, complimenting my MeetYourMaker blog & it is such a pleasure for her to be my first guest post on MeetYourMaker…


Feel and Look Great in Your Summer Clothes

How you dress makes a big impact on how you feel.  The clothes and shoes you pick express your unique personality and show the world who you are.  Wearing an outfit that is perfectly "you" can make a bad day better and be the cherry on top of a great one.  

An important part of choosing an outfit is being true to yourself.  Trying to look like someone else is never as natural and effortless as accepting yourself and loving your own style.  When you feel comfortable in what you're wearing (and in your own skin) it shows - and it makes your clothes look even better!

Summer clothes are fun and flirty, and there are many popular options to choose from.  Patterned shorts, peasant tops, maxi dresses, wedge shoes, brightly colored bags, etc. - the sky is the limit.  The goal is to combine these different elements into an outfit that fits your personal style.  

Beige Camilla Maxi-Dress

If you're not too into trendy pieces, try choosing just one or two to highlight in an outfit.  Patterned shorts and peasant tops are a fun combination, and they look great on anyone, especially when paired with wedges - they'll make your legs look long and lean.

There are a lot of beautiful summer shoes available.  Brightly colored flat sandals are a great way to add color to any outfit, and wedges add a little bit of flirtiness.  Strappy sandals are always a good choice too, especially for sundresses.  If you're feeling adventurous, pair your shoes with a contrasting and colorful handbag. 

'Evelyn' Style Wedge, From ShoeDazzle

Once you've found the perfect outfit and shoes, it's time to accessorize!  This is where you can complete your outfit and make it unique.  Long necklaces, statement necklaces, bangle bracelets, and big earrings are all popular.  However, it's best not to add too many competing pieces to an outfit.  Pick a couple of your favorites and make sure the styles are similar to avoid a busy look.

When you're picking an outfit, shoes, and accessories, don't be afraid to take a few chances.  Try what you love and wear it with confidence.  Who knows - you just might start a new trend!


Anya’s online sites are currently undergoing a major design, but keep your eye on MeetYourMaker, & her amazing style site for more updates...

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