Monday, 3 June 2013


Occasion: Inviting new opportunities into my life
Situation:  Preparing for Brighton Fashion Week

Blogurtunities are on-trend right now, along with neon tones & crisp white combinations, however blogging-opportunities is quickly becoming my top summer trend. Aiming to fill my summer spare time & opening the world's eyes to fresh new fashion talent, I am devoting myself to full-time fashion, blogging about events & documenting the world through my MeetYourMaker looks...

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • 'Wild' top [Topshop]
  • Cream blazer *smartens up the perfect summer skirt*
  • Paisley print white skirt *latest wardrobe addition* [H&M]
Accessorize my Life...
  • Tan & black raffia clutch bag
  • Black wedge heels

Selected to blog Brighton Fashion Week, excitement is high in my head & whizzing round my mind like a fashion fever. Dressing the part is key, so today I channeled my 'wild side', preparing for this years BFW. As generally known, Brighton is a place of diversity & creativity. And this is what BFW aims to express perfectly, fitting all the artists & individual expression into one small week of the year. However, this week promises to be quite like no other.  Labelled as 'showcasing innovation', BFW is an annual extravaganza in its forth year of opportunities & amazement. Giving opportunities for up-and-coming talent to display alongside more established names, BFW was immediately a recipe for success & so continues to be...

Expressing Brighton's individual creativity through the high-end 'Zeitgeist' catwalk show to the hands-on 'People's Day' based around the high-street highlight that is Churchill Square, the buzz for Brighton Fashion Week is growing. To fit in with the Brighton 'fasionista-hipsters' my outfit creations are in the thougth-processing stage, promising to bring you some of my most colourful, creative MeetYourMaker outfits to stand-out & sum-up the event.

Looking through the designer profiles, I personally believe the Sustain show, debuting this year, will be one to watch as it is drawing attention to relevant issues within the industry, proving that environmentally conscious design can still be fashionable, which has previously raised doubts. The show aims to display the 'art of eco-fashion' proving that the limits don't just stop at recycled paper dresses & plastic bags, but instead beautiful, wearable fashion.

There are many highlights I am looking forward to throughout the awaited shows. Leading the way for the Sustain show include the Womenswear designer George May who focuses on ski-wear with eco-values [] which isn't my usual style but offers an individual approach to functional yet sustainable design. An alternative choice of statement jewellery comes in the form of designer Belles Bejewelled [] which I am excited to see through the persepctive of a different accessories catwalk presentation.

The Zeitgeist show plans to open BFW with a bang, being many fashionista's highlight, with my eye firmly on Central Saint Martin's graduate Aimee Matthew-John's  interesting Menswear inspired silhouettes [] & Belgrade's prestigious Jovana Markovic who has already been awarded many accolades.

Keep your eyes fixed on this space & BFW's website for regular updates...

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