Friday, 14 June 2013


A fashion show in a church is one of the controversial highlights of Brighton Fashion Week...and that isn't even considering the vibrant array of fashions flooding the catwalk! On one hand it felt wrong sipping on a white wine while waiting for the Zeitgeist show, but the excitement was buzzing round the stained glass windows more than the organ tunes could ever imagine.

MeetYourMaker was positioned in the second FROW [Fashion talk for front-row!] and poised  with line-up & camera in hand to soak in the style of this creative seaside city. 

Above: Sean's animalistic approach to formal dressing...combine an embroidered zebra tie with a printed toucan pocket square for a suited & booted look with a fun twist.

With more to come in the form of tonight's 'Sustain' show, the highlights of last night are still lingering in my head, with promises of much imagination & creation...

Aimee Matthew-John's '1.Trouser' collection combined menswear tailoring inspiration with accentuated back view features which I felt was an observation of the femininity of the fashion world. 


'Slab City' expressed the vibrant creativity of Katie Jones' Spring/Summer'14 collection. As a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, Jones' modern crochet sums up Brighton's fun-loving approach to life perfectly, reflected in the chatty uproar of the audience & the click of iPhone photos capturing the imitable moment the tea-cosy faced & pom-pom headed models hit the runway.  

Frances O'Leary filled the high ceilings of the church with dreamy forest print repeats in springtime pastel hues. ''Time and Lines' presented a neutral kaleidoscope of layered silks that left the audience in a surreal state, wishing one could slip on those glitter jelly shoes & dance into the perfect printed dream.

The pair that makes Dioralop [Polaroid backwards] combines creativity with wear-ability, perfected through monochrome tones in what struck my eye as skeleton/x-ray inspired inky prints, worn loosely with wet-look hair, the look could be taken straight from the midnight festival scene. 

Summing up the starting night of BFW'13 with fireworks full of feathers & a cocktail full of drama, the well-awaited 'Parachutes and Birds [The Roadkill Couture AIR collection]' by Jess Eaton for Eatonnott created a wave of excitement throughout the audience. Worn in the hair, over the shoulders & covering the trails of models who's opaquely disguised faces froze the roadkill feathers in the moment, who knew feathers could create such a stir within a fashionable crowd. Explained how the feathers would otherwise have no use, some were surprised at their re-created appearance whereas other reveled in their structural composition. Combined with parachute fabrics & silhouettes, the AIR collection was a dramatic end to a showstopping night...

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