Friday, 21 June 2013


For individuals out there who aren't aware of the fashion blogging scene, as I admit sometimes I also lose my way, I thought I would do a little "How to follow" post to increase awareness & spread the creativity as it is good to learn something new everyday... 

Google top on my sidebar to the right. You can publicly recommend my blog to certain people or circles to share MeetYourMaker with them.

Bloglovin' also on my sidebar to the right. This is probably the best way and more obvious way to follow. On Bloglovin', all the blogs you follow are in one place and organised into most recent, so you can keep track of all your favourite's updates.

Facebook...As an extension to my blog, I have a Facebook design page dedicated to my creative work for people to enjoy. 
Annie Oakes Designs -

Twitter...I have recently fully fledged myself to the social networking world by signing up to twitter. I am currently adjusting to tweeting, but if you love my looks & want an insight into all aspects of my creative lifestyle, please take a look! @AnnieLucyOakes

Feel free to follow me on any of these...I always try my best to follow back!
Share & Eddie & I did these ice creams!

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