Thursday, 11 July 2013


Festival De Cannes

Take me around the world. To see wonders that my eyes haven't already experienced. Fill my mind with creative cultures to inspire my senses.

Europe is a popular travel location for summer'13, so embrace the locality & explore your doorstep in style. I chose Cannes to start my summer travels & let the laid-back French lifestyle inspire my fashion footsteps.

Intricate shutters adorn the empty faces of every window on the slinky houses of the local.

Beef tomatoes in a spectrum of rouge, naturally sectioned as if teasing the taste-buds.

No t-shirts with crosses on here...
just luxury landscapes to look down upon from the castle on the hill.

Embracing my French inspiration...
with pastel florals & a fresh baguette for the walk to the beach.

Ooh la la pussy cat...sporting a vague moustache to feel the French vibe.

People-watching on the walking streets with a cafe de creme...with added Harley Davidson.

Embracing the eco with bottle-caps becoming an embellishment feature en la mode.

Ladies that lunch...doing it the French way with tarte du pomme & rose vino.

Matching my jellies to the criss-cross pattern of my tie-dye in the delicate restaurant streets of this exclusive promenade resort.

Being blown away by the off-shore activities...taking a boat-trip to the Island of Sainte-Marguerite & Fort Royal, home to the Man in the Iron Mask.

Florals upon pebbles...complementing colours on the beach.

Like Mother, like Daughter...
taking a stroll down the rue de eucalyptus in our fashion flip-flops.

Konky, my travelling Koala making himself comfy for a day trip, with Dazed & Confused to read on the journey!

Konky & I getting ready for our last night in the home of film festivals...mixing pastels with brights for an exciting evening look.

My bargain 2 euro hat & 90s revived jelly-sandals were just too good to resist for a day at the beach!

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