Friday, 9 January 2015


A New Year calls for a New recipe...specifically CAKE! Yes, I know we have just survivied a few of the most unhealthiest weeks of the year, but I made this cake especially to celebrate the New Year, so it's allowed! And after it is finished I promise to turn my lifestyle healthy again, with help from my wonderful Secret Santa present that was 'The Art of Eating Well' by Hemsley + Hemsley. As my Secret Santa knows, I love Food & I love Art, so this book is a perfect combination of the both as each page provides the plate as a canvas & the food as the is truly beautiful & looks delicious! I am yet to try out these recipes though, as the cake is still going...but I will let you know when I do! 

Here's to a healthy (after the cake is finished!) & happy 2015!

I took inspiration from this amazing recipe from 'Top With Cinnamon', one of my favourite foodie blogs, altering some quantities as I already had some homemade salted caramel sauce, using a Nigella recipes as she is famed for her love of the stuff! I made my cake double layered instead of quadruple layered, but if you have more mouths to feed & want to create a delicious show-stopper, then definitely take the plunge! The bigger the better, hey! I also decided to add more decadence (not necessary, but I was feeling naughty!) by sprinkling chopped chocolate covered honeycomb over the salted caramel...

Let me know about your naughty New Year treats & also your healthy recipes!

I'm so excited to try out my new recipe book, have you used any of Hemsley + Hemsley's recipes yet?

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