Sunday, 2 September 2012


The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are
 permitted to remain children all our lives 
- Albert Einstein

I haven't painted my nails in ages. 
I thought I'd give them a rest, as they've always got one coral or another silver spanning their curvatures. I have a big box of polishes, including a wide variety of colours, and like anything else, I have my favorites! It was time to experiment once again though...into the world of translucent pastels...

I decided on a risky pastel blue that I have only used a few times before...and that was on paper to test the tone! At first I wasn't sold on Rimmel's 'Bright Sky' translucent blue, as it did make my hands look like I had pneumonia! However, I persisted with another layer & finished the nails off with a two-tone complementary pastel pink tip, reminding me of my earlier 'colour scheme' post inspiration!

Designer Inspiration...

From Zimmermann's Latest SS'13 Collection, known for fun, light & amazing printed pieces.

Swimming through a marble wash of pastels, I am immediately engulfed into these printed silk dreams. My experiment was pastels, but this is a masterclass example of how to get them right...on the catwalk. Also, check out those tippex-white talons...maybe that's my next beauty experiment decided?

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