Sunday, 30 September 2012


New Uni Year. New Leaf.
New Look!

My blogging has been a bit sporadic as of late, so here I pledge to knuckle down on my posts! Please help me by showing your support...viewing my posts, checking my updates, sharing the creativity & smiling through life!

I'm starting these smiles with a pop of patterns & a neon zing of a lace peplum...Christopher Kane style!

Christopher Kane's eye-popping neon line-up...
I was obviously the one taking the photo!?

Or maybe more street warden style?...Well, as I say, inspiration can be found anywhere!

What a coincidence!?
Let's bring some colour to this world!
My most recent [and vibrant!] buy combines two major trends...peplum & neon! Yes I admit these two are hard to pull off at the best of times, let alone together, but pairing mine with chic leather & black adds confidence to the look. Accessorized with a cool cat bag [confession time: this is actually my Mum's latest buy! Very kitsch, but kind of cute], a punky quiff & a gold postbox, I hope I completed this look in gold medal standards!

Occasion: Afternoon tea with Mama MeetYourMaker

Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top!]:
  • Black studded leather jacket * investment piece* [Topshop]
  • Black criss-cross lace top *sixties inspired*
  • Lace overlay peplum skirt *newest buy* [Topshop]
A Sprinkle Of Accessories:
  • Floral print scarf *picking out those yellowy tones!*
  • Black & gold skull necklace *from a unique jewellery shop in my hometown* [Pearl & Queenie...]
  • Black translucent tights *they look more sleek than opaque ones*
  • Black platform ankle boots *newest buy* [Office]
A Story To Tell:
  • Getting "papped" by a blogger snapping for a post about the Best Dressed in Manchester! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this blog!

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