Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Occasion: Artistic Morning & Chilled Park Afternoon

Outfit Montage…
  • Salmon pink lightweight silk top
  • Rose printed ‘skorts’ [for those of you who don’t know…these are shorts crossed with a skirt! Might sounds weird, but they are very practical when lounging in the park!]
  • Coral green ruched bandeau [perfect underneath top for spontaneous sunbathing, minus lines!]

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...

With An Essence Of...
  • Eden by Cacharel for Women, Eau De Parfum

Chilling To...
Various Artists Including:
  • The Black Keys
  • Laura Marling
  • The XX

Lusting After…
  • A BBQ...That smell is just irresistible!

The aim of my outfit today was 'cool'...not just to look it, but to feel it! Instead of wearing skirts all summer & struggling with wind & football in the park, opt for 'skorts' which allow more comfortable movement as well as a nice breeze...on your legs! 

In a conversation with friends today, we agreed that in summer people can either get fashion very wrong or very right! To create a successful summer outfit, colour is key! Yes we are all pitying the people dressed head-to-toe in black on a lovely summers day...and trust me, many of those were spotted today! Why would you put yourself through that?! Everyone knows that dark colours absorb the heat, so choose light & bright colours in easy layers instead! 
Taking this into consideration, I chose to complement my floral skorts with a salmon pink top, picking out a key tone from the lower layer. Due to the occasion, I also put a complementary bandeau top underneath for a spot of sunbathing! 

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, however during summer passerby's do not want to be blinded walking past you & your new sequin 'of the moment' garment! So if metallics are involved in your outfit, keep them to a minimum like these gold buttons. Although 'metal clashing' is in at the moment [gold, silver and bronze apparently look stunning all piled on together!] you don't have to follow the trends...make them! I suggest picking up on a particular shimmer & reflecting that in your accessories. Keep your accessories subtle & one wants to be weighed down by thousands of bangles when trying to sip an iced coffee!

Costa's Iced Vanilla Latte...LARGE!

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