Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Occasion: Creative Sunshiny Happiness
Great For...Gifts, Friends, Family, You!

Sunshine definitely does improve everyone’s mood & I think the sun shining yesterday really did have an effect on my productivity.
Firstly I managed to find a bargain of a pair of shoes [look to yesterday’s post] which is an achievement within itself! Secondly I put my creativity to the test as me & the bf decided to customise our own ceramic dinner paints. All we started off with were cheap plain plates & some ceramic paints [found in any good arts store…Fred Aldous if you reside in Manchester, or Cass Art in good in London] 

And then just let the creative juices flow…

I also believe the sunshine had an effect on my designs. My Boyfriend [who had only ventured to the spot of grass just outside the house all day] created plates that had the cool factor, but actually left me with a bit of a shiver…

'Born To Kill'...but why did he have to use red paint?!

Whereas mine radiated freedom…


And, urm, craziness?

We nearly forgot to sign & date the masterpieces to remember this momentous occasion!

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