Sunday, 20 May 2012


Over Easter I created some T-shirt designs using white jersey to create on-trend tribal inspired tassels & image transfer to create my own angel design just below the neckline of the top.

My Angel T-shirt design, originally made for my own use, caught a Boutique owner’s eye in my hometown of Hastings. ‘Little Treasures’, based in Hastings bohemian Old Town collects and sells vintage and handmade replica vintage items. My design, having a theme of 80s style hippy fitted in perfectly and it was decided to give my creations a trial run! So I made a collection and here they are now…

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  1. I'm so super excited that you've started a blog Annie :D I love the idea behind it and I'm loving all of the tips and ideas that you're suggesting :) it makes me miss textiles so much!! This T-shirt is absolutely gorgeous, I'm gonna have to hunt for this store next time I'm in the old town :)
    Love Holz oxo