Saturday, 4 April 2015


These are just too cute to eat (almost)...

Feeling in the Easter mood, yesterday I went on a baking spree & created the cutest Easter Bunny sandwich shortbreads. I was inspired by La receta de la felicidad's recipealthough mine turned out a little more rustic, but just as tasty (I imagine)... A few of the bunnies however didn't make it through the sandwiching process, however their missing ears & tails were put to good use as I improvised & created a chocolate bark (recipe below). Similar to rocky road - with chocolate, shortbread & marshmallows - you layer up the deliciousness & have an extra treat alongside the bunnies, which I think is a strike of genius...

My Double Chocolate Easter Bunny "Bark"

2 bars of dark chocolate
Any left over shortbread from the bunnies
Bunny Tails (secretly mini marshmallows!)
1 bar of milk chocolate

Melt the dark chocolate
Spread melted chocolate over a sheet of greaseproof baking paper
Top with broken bits of bunny (or if your bunnies remained in one piece, top with whatever you fancy!)
Top with bunny tails
Melt the milk chocolate
Drizzle over the top of the delicious bark
Leave to cool (if you can resist!) & dig in! 

Easter Bunny shortbread sandwich cookies - Inspired by La receta de la felicidad's recipe
3 Bunnies walking down the street
Pin Up Easter Bunny
My Double Chocolate Easter Bunny "Bark" (recipe above!) 
Colourful bunny tails

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