Friday, 3 April 2015

MeetMyYearSoFar : PhotoDiary

Okay, I know I have been a tad AWOL, however my life has taken a turn for the crazy. From landing a new job (working 2 jobs in transition) to showing my designs in Leeds Rag Fashion Show, the year so far has whizzed by at a scary, yet exciting speed.

So, in order to help get back on the blogging track, I wanted to compile some unseen photo footage of 2015 so far. Yes, yes I know it is April (already!) however this is to help me as much as it is for you to be nosey, as I have seemed to lose track of lovely memories I have experienced...

Re-united with my longest friend Suzie at the Horniman Museum, London, looking very happy with our walrus & elephant cookie

Amazing artwork at the newly renovated Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

My new design business cards

A rare "selfie" of me before my feature at Leeds Rag Fashion Show, wearing dress & earrings made by me

Peacock feather installation at The Whitworth

Snacktime consisting of apple slices with homemade nut butter & nutella

Homemade giant hobnob biscuit (the scale isn't shown here, but it was as big as a pizza!)

Springtime sunset from our balcony

The homemade giant hobnob biscuit covered in chocolate which I made for a friend's birthday (wish I could have kept it myself!

My go-to Hemsley+Hemsley cook book alongside butternut squash, kale & quinoa stew (recipe from Love & Lemons), then topped with cheddar & served with homemade beetroot hummus

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