Saturday, 11 April 2015


Now that I have a 9-5 job (as opposed to part-time haphazard hours juggled with freelance work on the side) I am learning to love & make the most of evenings & weekends. They may be a normality for many, however this is a luxury for me! Now that the clocks have sprung forward & its is lighter in the evenings helps dramatically in making the most of time. We have been treated (& teased) to a few sunny early evenings spent in the local beer gardens, however I'm still waiting for the temperature to raise its head a bit so we can full enjoy Spring!

My weekends so far have been so fun packed, full of breakfasts in bed, rummaging through a fabulous vintage fair, pub quizzes, experimenting with some new recipes & drinking my way through a Gin Festival...

My friend Clare & myself with the biggest smiles on our faces at The Gin Festival!
Empty pink grapefruit after breakfast in bed.
Homemade tomato & mushroom macaroni cheese with balsamic rocket salad.
Bright yellow daffodils in the park.

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