Sunday, 26 April 2015


I love the weekend! You may have gathered this from my last post, however I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Sundays in particular. At this very moment I am sitting in bed, having woken up naturally, looking out the window onto yellow-sprouted trees framing a bright blue sky, with not a cloud in sight. I am thinking about slipping into any old clothes so I can make the most of the fresh bright morning by popping to the shops for the Sunday paper & some fresh bread for brunch. And I'm thinking how I would like to make this a Sunday tradition...

Apart from this new tradition, baking always seems to creep into my weekend plans. If my friends pop round they always ask if there's cake (as there normally is!) so I bake a bunch of goodies from what I have in the house. This time I had an abundance of plums, softening fast & calling out to be smothered by cake & devoured by happy mouths. Good old BBC Good Food gave me a hand with this delightfully delicious Plum & Ginger Sponge recipe, or 'Gingery Plum Cake' as they call it! It is a winner in my eyes, moist (not a great word I know, but it sums it up!) with a perfect balance of sweet, spicy from the ginger & tart from the fresh plums. I just reduced the size of the tin a bit for a deeper sponge & didn't use quite as many plums on the surface area on top. I would love to try this again with some additional fruit, maybe raspberries as they suggest, nectarines or mango. Is mango good baked in a sponge? Let me know if you have tried it!

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