Sunday, 25 August 2013


Occasion: Day-trip to Liverpool...sightseeing, eating & drinking!
Situation: Dressing to be a tourist but looking like a local!

^^Liverpool's eerie but beautiful bombed-out Church^^
...the climbing ivy reaching down to my floral adorned hair...
^^Double Monica Mochachino & carrot cake heaven^^
^^The world famous music bar...says it all in the sign^^

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • White short-sleeved shirt *featured lace front panel* [Vintage]
  • Black studded leather jacket [Topshop]
  • Pale stone wash denim jeans [Levis]

Accessorize my Life...
  • White floral hair garland *made by me*
  • Burgundy converse 

Playing tourists in always fun, especially when it is in a city so world-renowned as Liverpool is. With the Cavern Quarter supporting everything possible to do with The Beatles & Albert Docks reflecting the city's shipping history, there really is something for everyone. After recently watching the equally well-known Friends TV show from start-to-finish, I discovered that Liverpool is also home to a Central Perk Cafe replica...which definitely needed a visit & a taste test! With American replicas shipped in to re-create the Friend-ly atmosphere, the experience was truly authentic & well worth tracking down for one of their character specialist drinks! Last but not least, a trip to L'pool is never complete without visiting the Cavern Club for a drink & live music under the graffiti decorated brick arches. Setting the rockin' scene to a truly touristic day...


  1. I went to Liverpool in June for my sister's hen do. It was the first time i have visited and we loved mathew street! Wish we went to The Cavern Quarter, but we had ended up next door in Flares instead! x

    1. The Cavern Quarter is such a cool place, I know!
      I didn't see Flares though, what was it like?
      Now following you on bloglovin' lovely x