Tuesday, 5 June 2012


As the whole country was celebrating one part of history [The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee] I was celebrating another…Vimto!

[Photographs taken where Vimto was originally mixed, Granby Row, Manchester]

Occasion: Street Parties In The Northern Quarter & Surprise Party In Liverpool

Because I was heading straight to Liverpool after I checked out the Northern Quarter’s patriotic celebrations I had to dress from day/into night. Take off my denim jacket [which reveals the low criss-cross back of my playsuit] & tights, then I’m ready to boogie! 

Please Excuse The Ladder...All That Grape Treading Is Hard Work!

Outfit Recipe [let's take it from the top]...
  • Vintage metallic burgundy playsuit *check out the back!*
  • Vintage light denim jacket
  • Black & straw ‘flatforms’

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Black tights *to prevent that bank holiday chill*
  • Gold chain head-band

With An Essence Of...
  • Vimto [of course!]

Sipping on…
  • I know what it should have been but I thought I'd give Ginger wine a try! *Verdict: very sweet, but better when mixed with a spirit!*

Munching on…
  • Homemade “Slutty Brownies” [These are an actual recipes, I’m not just being rude!...http://mysanfranciscokitchen.com/slutty-brownies/] They have a digestive biscuit base & an oreo biscuit layer, topped off with gooey brownie mix *heaven!* 

Dancing To...
  • Can’t quite remember, but surely that means it was a good night!?

  • Liverpool's many bars & clubs including the £1 tequila bar Ca Va [dangerous!], Heebeegeebies & Aloha.

Lusting After…
  • Homemade jewellery [check out my next post!]

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