Sunday, 3 June 2012


Today My Boyfriend & I decided to dress each other…
Occasion: Hung-over Lunch & Shopping in Town

Piccadilly Garden's Fountains [Note: How High Are The Fountains behind me compared to Sean!

Annie’s Outfit Recipe *As Chosen by Sean*
Androgynous ‘London Business Class’ Rocker [let's take it from the top]...
  • Black studded leather jacket *one of my investment buys* [Topshop]
  • Fine knit swan print pastel jumper top
  • Medium denim jeans
  • Patent black brogues

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Black felt vintage bowler hat
  • Minimalist silver shapes watch *a previous Birthday present, treat it well & they will last forever* [Sekonda]
  • Long silver Saint Christopher pendant *Saint of Travel, reminds you the enjoy wherever you are*
  • Silver teddy bear & Celtic star necklace *made myself out of Mum’s old jewellery*

With An Essence Of...
  • Paul Smith’s ‘Rose’ *Sean picked out my scent too*

Munching on…
  • Macaroni cheese, garlic bread & salad *mmm, lovely hangover cure!*

Dancing To...
  • Spice Girls - Wannabe
  • Oasis - She's Electric
  • General Fiasco - Rebel Get By [Sean & I saw them together recently & they were amazing...we even got invited into their dressing room for a drink afterwards!]

Lusting After…
  • Anything & everything silk!

My Verdict..."I love this look for a casual chilled out Sunday! The bowler hat was perfect for disguising a bad hair day & keeping the drizzle off me!"


Sean’s Outfit Recipe *As chosen by Annie* 
Rockin’ The Double Denim 50s Style [let's take it from the top]...
  • Vintage denim jacket [actually mine]
  • Purple top [Topman]
  • Light denim jeans
  • Green ribbed socks *old skool*
  • Brown Brogues

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Black leather belt

With An Essence Of...
  • Lager!

Munching on…
  • Double hamburger & chips *which definitely defeated him!*

Dancing To...
  • The Kooks - Naive

Lusting After…

When picking out Sean’s outfit this morning [well this afternoon because we went out last night!] I began with the shoes & worked up, due to Manchester’s temperamental weather! Smart brown brogues combined with a t-shirt & jeans smartens up the look just enough for a chilled out Sunday lunch. The contrasting old skool ribbed green socks [reminds me of hockey!] elevate the look to a quirky level. Roll up the jeans a few times to further accentuate.
When deciding on an outer-layer I decided to really push the 50s style, complementing Sean’s slicked back quiff, with a denim jacket. The majority of people are actually afraid of denim clashing or as we now know it “double denim”, however more recently the look has become popular again & I think Sean has the right attitude to pull it off…

Sean's Verdict..."Amazing Manchester didn't know what hit it!"

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