Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Occasion: Moving Art Materials & Going To The Cinema To Celebrate
 The End Of My Group Project!

Yes, I am sitting in a wheelbarrow!...

This is because today was the day that our group project officially ended [and our new summer project began…no rest for the wicked!]…but what to do with all our materials? Being a bit of a hoarder & not knowing where this would all end up if I just left it at our current workshop [20/22 in the Northern Quarter] I roped my boyfriend Sean into helping me wheel this lot and more all the way home!...Well he did the wheeling & I did the dealing!

But it was well worth it!...After investing in about 50 cushions all together to create a ‘comfy social seating area’ for Manchester’s Hipsters, that wasn’t such an expected hit due to this city’s iconic weather, I thought we might as well transfer our flat!

So now our decorated wheelbarrow [previous made to transfer ‘found material’ all across the town] is sitting in our kitchen with a selection of brightly coloured cushions overflowing it. And my flatmates got dug in straight away!

Outfit Recipe [let's take it from the top]...
  • Hot pink vest *tied up in a front knot to turn into a crop top to wear with high-waisted trousers*
  • Yellow ochre & pearl embellished suede leather bolero jacket *colour clashing is key in summer*
  • Navy blue brocade patterned high-waisted trousers *they have been called “Aladdin” pants & belly dancing trousers, but Mediterranean wide-leg free flowing trousers are the perfect shape right now*

A Sprinkle Of Accessories...
  • Handmade recycled African beaded earrings [see yesterday's post]

After wheeling around town I decided to treat my hand to a bit of sparkle…literally! As soon as I saw Barry M’s sparkle polish for only £2.99 I knew I had to get myself [& my nails] some! A few layers later & they were dazzling. Keep building up for more of a disco ball effect!

Lusting After…
  • More sparkly nail varnishes *in every colour!*

  • Prometheus 3D [great effects but scarier than I expected!]

Munching on…
  • Popcorn *sweet of course!*

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