Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Occasion: Parklife Festival!
Sunday: Day Two

 Please excuse the tired look…partying all weekend is hard work!
Note: I know we are wearing the same shorts...I will explain later!

Outfit Recipe [let's take it from the top]...
  • My Angel tassel T-shirt *made & designed by me* [for sale in Little Treasures Boutique, Hastings…]
  • Ultra-sparkly denim shorts [Topshop]
  • Khaki parka coat

Dancing To...
  • De la Soul – ‘Three Is The Magic Number’
  • Dizzee Rascal – All the tunes, building up to ‘Bonkers!’

Lusting After…
  • Going on holiday *after Dizzee sung his song!*

So Sunday arrived...and so did the sunshine *thank the heavens!* Another appearance was made of my new sparkly buys to dazzle the sequin encrusted denim hot pants! However, so did my friend the same shorts! After purchasing these beauties [the can be dressed up or down, hence the festival staple] she declared her love for them & went out & bought the same pair! I have always been told that copying is the highest form of flattery...

For the final day of the festival the top of the 'people to see' list were De La Soul & Dizzee Rascal! The old skool 90s band De La Soul were a classic to see  however struggled to get the young student crowd going. Dizzee however smashed the main stage [not literally!] & was an amazing way to end the weekend...

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