Thursday, 9 May 2013


Occasion: Preparing for university presentation
Situation: Dressing for humid yet wet & windy weather

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...

Accessorize my Life...
  • Blue & gold head scarf [vintage]
  • Gold rays necklace *let the sun shine all around* [India]
  • Black patent & gold handbag [Deep vintage...]
  • Black patent loafers 

Yes today might have been a rainy one, however there is always a plus side. Dressing like a mermaid of course! Well not literally, but reflecting on my photographs my skirt creation reminded me of the such. Unintentionally inspired by seaside fantasies, I paired the crepe pleated skirt length with a simple silk shirt tied at the waist & sleek oversized blazed to keep the look in proportion & stop the tail from taking over! Tying a necklace shorter than its original length to meet your collar makes your accessorizing more eye-catching & adds another texture to the overall look. Adding a head scarf in complementary colours ensured I wasn't sporting the windswept look, bringing the fantasy look successfully together.

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