Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Occasion: Levis Interview
Situation: Dressing smart enough for an interview yet casual to fit the Levis branding

Featured: The Mancorialist -

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Studded black leather jacket *investment piece* [Topshop]
  • Black silk opaque shirt *luxury piece* [Topshop boutique]
  • Vintage Levis A-line skirt
Accessorize my Life...
  • Silver eagle necklace *20th birthday present*
  • Black leather rucksack *21st birthday present*
  • Black socks with white frill *made by me*
  • Black platform ankle boots [Office]
Interview dressing is always a tricky one. They tend to be formal situatio in which you however also need to relate to the brand & dress so that they can picture you as a sales representative in their store. I decided to show a flash of vintage denim, to tie in with the brand's ethos, however I didn't want to go too denim crazy that I looked like a walking billboard! I broke up the high-waisted denim by layering a silk chiffon shirt over it, wearing the look oversized yet controlled through the sleek black tones. By leather accessories stepped my look up a fashion notch, while my cute socks still send out approachable signals. Time will tell if they look went down well with Levi. But at least I know it did with the public...with The Mancorialist, Manchester's answer to renowned The Sartorialist blog snapped my street style while I was relaxing in sun graced Exchange Square. Keep smiling...

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