Friday, 3 May 2013


After my travelling times, many adventures & exciting new sights, I am reluctantly settled back into the reality of the UK. A 4 month international exchange led me to India where I discovered a world full of many wonders. Check out my experiences on my sister travel blog...

The inspiration I acquired through my experiences are already influencing everything I do...from eating to sleeping and of course dressing! Settling out of routine is challenging, however returning to one also proved difficult... Let's get welcomed back on the blogging scene!

Occasion: University
Situation: Dressing for the temperamental British Springtime 

My Outfit Recipe [Let's take it from the top & break it down]...
  • Silk chiffon shirt *layer up the opaques to keep your cool* [Topshop Boutique]
  • Springtime trench coat *keeping it light & bright* [Zara]
  • Khaki paneled jeans [H&M]

Accessorize my Life...
  • Gold structured necklace *Key buy from India*
  • Black leather rucksack *Birthday present*
  • Yellow notebook *Hand-printed, hand-bound & natural dyed* [Anoki, India,]
  • Black suede platform boots [Office]

The UK is full of tricky fashion situations. So the fashionable need to be prepared for all weathers & occasions simultaneously. With the sun beaming down one day filling the city parks with smiles & the clouds blowing blossom into pedestrians' coffees the other, striking the layering balance is key.
I have combined light layers with tougher touches to ensure I am hitting the springtime situations. With my latest travels inspiring my accessories, India's magpie obsessions with jewellery has definitely made a mark on my creative mind, inspiring me to put my Indian beads to best use my creating my own capsule collection...

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  1. I like the beads :) Very lovely. I hope your doing good and you have a good time, back in the cold. Best wishes from Germany.. and if you see Ella give each other a hug from me ;)