Saturday, 25 May 2013


Attending the last Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Manchester, I am happy to announce a special post on today's Vintage Kilo Sale event! Picking up 2 kilos worth of vintage garments last time for a minimal £15 per kilo , I was eager to get stuck in to the big brimming bins once again! My last vintage booty consisted of an amazing 2 silk shirts, 2 silk tops, 1 wool jacket & 2 skirts, one of which I was sporting today! Yes, it does take some serious rummaging, but that is half the fun of a cheap new capsule wardrobe!

Proudly clutching my 'Vintage Kilo Sale' bag [already full!] & one of the many vintage leather jackets... 

Vibrant colours & vintage prints...the early bird catches the worm!

Dressed in my 50's era vintage I arrive bright & early at the sale where rails upon rails & bins upon bins of vintage garments await... At what first seems daunting due to the sheer mass & muddle of many time periods in just one space, blossoms into a challenging bubble of excitement.

I opted for an easy-to-wear vintage based outfit on which to channel the mood of the day & to get seriously stuck into shopping! Combining key vintage pieces like my denim jacket and a pleated midi-skirt with vintage inspired florals I created into a crop top, I was inspired by the 50's Grease girls. My vintage accessories bring out the colours in my chosen floral, highlighting the white to elevate the look to one of a hopeful summer.

Rummaging elbows at the ready, it was my blogger's advantage for early entrance to see if I could pick up the best of the bargains to be found. With a brief shopping list logged in my mind, I searched for a summer outfit with a twist, setting myself a personal challenge to aim for.

A magpie is spoilt for choice...this time there were accessories galore, with stalls also selling jewellery, bags & sunglasses, adding the finishing touches to your bargain vintage looks!

Never before attending a Vintage Kilo Sale, Sean *MeetYourMaker featured* joined me to the event, gauging a Male perspective on the vintage fashion selection. Being a non-checked-shirt-wearing guy, he was initially rather taken-aback about the amount of them there were to be snapped up. So unfortunately he didn't do the snapping on that rail...but instead delved into the denim for inspiration. Checked shirts are lumberjack style vintage favorites, which offer guys, as well as fashionable girls, a hint of vintage with a toughened chic. But Sean being prone to a flash of double denim just couldn't resist!

Channeling double denim in a stand-out twist, coloured denim becomes so much more acceptable in the summer, so why not embrace it?! Sean's pick of the day was a rust red vintage Levi denim jacket, winning on both the brand & the unique shade of denim. Vintage cuts can be pulled off oversized, so prevent the look from looking too 'cosy' by rolling the sleeves up & wearing the jacket with some attitude!

With leather being the key material catching my eye & an attraction to tassels & studs I just cannot resist, I secured my statement piece of my summer outfit...the cool throw on jacket, toughing up my floral dresses & bidding chilly nights farewell since 2013. Together let's make our own vintage statement!

Keep your eyes awake for my next MeetYourMaker post in which I will be styling my new vintage finds into my summer wardrobe looks!

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  1. Oh wow this looks amazing, would love to go to something like this!!
    I really want to do double denim but I always get too scared :P
    Love Holly x